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Thread: This generation Zags vs Zags of 10 to 20 years ago?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgadfly View Post
    I think Casey and Ronny would be just fine against any of the bigs from the last ten years. I also think NWG would destroy Dickau since one of those two players brings value to both ends of the court and the other doesn't/didn't. To me:

    PG NWG vs Dickau = advantage New
    SG Gary Bell vs Stepp = advantage Old (but Bell's defense would be better than Stepp's)
    SF Rui (if we get to change his position from PF - otherwise Jordan Matthews?) vs Ammo = advantage old
    PF Sabonis vs Casey = advantage new (but Casey is more athletic if we are keeping track)
    C Clark vs Turiaf = advantage new (but Turiaf has a lot of size and was NBA athletic as well)

    bPG: Perkins or Pangos vs Santangelo (the most athletic of the group) or Pargo = Advantage ?
    bSG: Norvell then Silas? Matthews? Perkins? vs Gray/Bouldin/Raivio = Advantage Old
    bSF: Dranginis/McClellan/Mike Hart vs Micah Downs/Austin Daye/Bouldin/Knight/etc Advantage Old
    bPF: Wiltjer/Harris/Williams vs Batista/Violette/Mallon/Daye Advantage New
    bC: Olynyk/Shem/Collins/Tillie/Dower/ vs Sacre/Dench/Gourde Advantage New (by a mile)

    If I was putting together 12 man lineups for both squads, I think I'd go something like this:
    G: Goss, Perkins, Pangos, Bell,
    F: Rui, Clark, Williams, Harris
    C: Sabonis, Olynyk, Shem, Wiltjer
    Last Cut: Collins (an NBA Center)

    G: Dickau, Stepp, Pargo, Santangelo
    F: Ammo, Downs, Frahm
    C: Turiaf, Sacre, Batista, Heytvelt, Cavalry
    Last Cut: Bouldin (too similar to Stepp) Hard to leave Gray and Daye off too. Gray could easily displace a number of those guards.

    The old team would have a lot of shooting with Dickau, Frahm, Ammo, Heytvelt and Cavalry on the court at times. Their centers can stretch the floor like modern bigs do (and both of those guys probably would do better in today's NBA) but are athletic rim protectors as well. They'd lack defense and teams would love to face a team where Frahm is the best perimeter defender, by a wide margin, on the floor. For defense they could rotate in Santangelo, Pargo and Downs, get a lot more athletic, and still have a lot of shooting on the floor around their front court. Sacre and Turiaf are both NBA level defenders who can't spread a team out, but would fortify the paint pretty well.

    The new team would have a lot of options. Goss, and whoever at SG would be a good fit. Pangos is the worst defensively of the group, but Perkins and especially Bell could come in if they need to shut down Frahm. At the forwards they would always be a little off because they'd be using PFs or combo guards at that spot. So they could go big (Rui or Harris or even Williams who could defend) or small (Bell - who played their as a junior) but there isn't a natural fit. It'd be tempting to leave Williams out and just put Mike Hart on the roster, the anti-Ammo and see what happens when the greatest mid range scorer we've had goes up against the greatest mid-range defender we've ever had.

    Anyway, to me, I think the new guys win the 7 game series 4 games to 3. They have more options and styles inside. They have more athleticism because there is nobody quite like Clark. And frankly, I think the big difference maker on the perimeter is Goss, not Dickau or Santangelo, or any of the other great guards we've had. Goss contributed in every facet of the game and would be a nightmare matchup for any of the past guards (just like he was for basically everyone we went against in 2017). Combine his PG skills with Clark and Sabonis cleaning up around the rim and I think they edge out the old guys.
    Dickau is getting his points. Now on defense, Goss is posting up but dickau is getting his.

    Im taking stepp over bell. (Unless march)

    Rui vs ammo? Thats super tough. Ammo is going off for offense. I give edge to ammo.

    Ill take sabonis over casey slightly.

    Ill take brandon over turiaf with ease.
    Love the zags for life

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    Few, Tommy, Brian and Donnie/Roger are head and shoulders above Few, Billy, Leon and Tommy of two decades ago.

    "To be continued ....."
    Father Tony Lehman, SJ

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    Default No way

    What are those old guys.....35.....40 ???? The kids would blow them away....even in half court....

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    I think it's a close game if we're talking about all the players as Zags, because the old timers all played as seniors, w/ the exception of Adam. Now a ton of guys leave early. I think senior Calvary holds his own w/ soph Sabonis, and senior Turiaf does fine v fr Collins, senior Frahm v soph Norvell,etc. No question there's more talent now, but the guys who laid the foundation were smart, tough, skilled, and together. Not an easy out.

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    the team with Karno and Collins wins imo. Karno as impactful a college player as I've seen, did it with different backcourts, won. Put him on last year's team, the missing link, play him vs. UCLA, we win that game

    J3 not getting enough love. He starts for me on the new gen team somewhere, a college stud with his ability to defend any position. I remember his D play at the end of the WV game during winning time. No National Championship game without that. Love Domas but he couldn't do that

    I know that's sacrilege here

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