Courtney has moved from #9 on the all time assists leader board to #7 this year. If she does not get hurt, it will take about 10 more games and she will move up to #6 on the all time assists leaderboard.

Assuming no injuries and given her average assists per year during her career, she would relatively easily get #5 next year.

#1 (Sue Bird) and #4 (Diana Taurasi) are still active all though not playing, yet, this year. Taurasi averages just over half the number of assists per year for her career that CV does. Assuming this holds CV will not catch DT next year, it will take two or three more years to move into 4th place.

After catching Taurasi, it will take 3 years after this year to catch #3 Lindsey Whalen and 4 years after this year to catch #2 Ticha Penicheiro (CV's current agent) who are both retired and not adding to their assists total. CV could catch #1 Sue Bird, but it will take 5+ years after Bird retires, as a minimum, for CV to catch her. Bird has stated that she wants to play in the Olympics next year, so you can assume she will play this year (if able) and next year for sure. Bird will be 39 years of age in October and CV turned 30 years of age in February.

The impressive thing about CV is that everybody ahead of her on the all time assists leaderboard has played at least 163 more games than she has or at least 5 years worth of WNBA games. Sue Bird has played more than twice as many games as has CV.