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Thread: Lady Zags at Hoopfest

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    Default Lady Zags at Hoopfest

    If you happen to wander downtown on Saturday for Hoopfest, several of our Lady Zags will be at the GU booth. The current schedule of players and times is as follows:

    Gonzaga Hoopfest Booth Schedule for Saturday
    11 a.m.-12 p.m.: Katie Campbell and Jill Townsend
    12-1 p.m.: Gillian Barfield, Jessie Loera and Jenn Wirth
    1-2 p.m.: Louise Forsyth, Kylee Griffen and LeeAnne Wirth
    2-3 p.m.: Corey Kispert and Killian Tillie



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    Watching YYC Canada Hoopfest Elite Women's team Saturday: Laura Stockton, Wirth twins, Katie Campbell, Gillian Barfield, Jill Townsend and Coach Fortier. YYC Canada features, among others, former Zag stalwart Janelle Bekkering. I suspect they were also watching Farmgirl Fit featuring Coach Stacy Clinesmith and former Zag great Heather Bowman.

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