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  • Rui Hachimura

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Thread: Who has the best NBA situation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KStyles View Post
    If you're talking about players signing autographs for campers, Duke does the same thing.

    What school wouldn't?
    Thank you for posting this
    I am working on being a more all around square.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzdelmar View Post
    Josh was the most unselfish PG in GU history, so all these fellas owe him something. Can't bring that to the bank, however.
    Insurance for the Hornets if Kenna walks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MileHigh View Post
    I have learned that when you talk to people about places they would want to live it is really a matter of personal taste. In this instance, it one likes large cosmopolitan city with a whole lot to do and see then it would be DC. If one likes a smaller cleaner city with less traffic , etc then it would be a place like Memphis.

    I know folks that love NYC and wouldnt live anywhere else in the world and I know folks that wouldnt live in NYC if their life depended on it. It is really "to each his own"
    Can't argue with that.

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