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Thread: ESPN Bracketology (5-16-19).....amazing Zags a 2 seed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DixieZag View Post
    Absolutely more meaningless than most.

    With one exception.

    The fact that we're a two seed with most our team leaving is a testament to Mark Few and staff, and their ability to now field a team that will be top 10 near every year. That is what I am seeing. Recognition that Few and company are now at a level that the expectation, with recruits and transfers is that we'll have a team that is top 10, 15, or so, and I think that DOES mean something.
    Agree Dixie. I know you took exception to my characterization of program as at "peak Zag," , but I think you've illustrated my point. The program is in a zone where it has earned a high level of respect, name recognition, average W/L, titles won, average ranking, player honors, NBA draftees, etc. because of its remarkably sustainability. I don't see how it can get any better. Again, not to say future Zags can't or won't occasionally achieve an individual or team honor greater than ones we've seen over the past two decades; but I think those achievements will be exceptions, not the norm. It is hard to see, IMHO, how the program as whole can elevate to a new level annually starting in 2020. What's left? It would take something like a FF every four years - repeatedly. The program's claim to fame will be its ability to play at an exceptional level for as long as it has given its previous anonymity, small size, non-power conference, limited budget, and other perceived limitations. As has been well-documented, we've outperformed many blue-blood programs in terms of year-after-year achievements during the Few era. I'm saying this to underscore why I appreciate each and every season and the phenomenal job of Coach Few, staff, and players keeping Gonzaga playing at a high level. I'm feeling good about 2019-20 for that reason. It is remarkable enough to see a re-load year after year let alone expect a higher floor than where the program is now (not that I would mind it).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reborn View Post
    I see I'm in the minority opinion once again. It's been a long time, and it feels good.

    Go Zags!!!
    Look, I think that by March, the team will be clicking and could make a potentially deep run... I just think the seeding is going to be defined by the early season and with so many new faces, I think it will be choppy waters earlier on. That is why I see the ceiling around 5 or 6 seed... but they will likely be a very very dangerous 5 or 6.
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