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He didn't do it 8 times, he did it 3 times.

He also had 5 games with 0 or 1 made 3pt shot.

His team's strength of schedule last year was atrocious, even by the standards of South Dakota State. Kenpom called is the 287th in the country. That's on par with Houston Baptist, Hawaii, and Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

Jenkins is a good three point shooter to be sure, but the prior year at South Dakota State he shot 38%, which was when their strength of schedule was 113.

I'm not sure one can look his stats and say he's a clearly better 3pt shooter than Perkins, Norvell, or Kispert, for example. He's shorter than all 3 of those guys and playing against vastly worse defenses. If Perks, Kispert, or Norvell had been playing on the perimeter at South Dakota State U this year, especially with Daum garnering most of the attention of the other team's best defenders, it wouldn't surprise me if any of those three could have shot 7-8% better from behind the arc.
I’m confused by your post, one does not have to “speculate”, the stats are actually there, I posted them in my OP. Statistically he is a better three-point shooter those guys, he’s not “good“, he’s great, it’s not subjective. He was 30th in the nation last season. I have never heard of the theory of someone becoming a better shooter because of defenses keying on a different player, I mean you either make the shot or you don’t. But I guess the theory is possible. The only concern I have is thatHe is pretty short for a shooting guard, but I am not expecting much for this season anyway.