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Still not sure how Jenkins is would be eligible immediately, I guess he can argue that his coach left for UNLV I mean hey, it works for Tate Martell at Ohio State. My only concern is that between Jenkins and Guilder they average less than four assists combined. But if they join on, I will cheer my head off for them. Iím just afraid that there are really unrealistic expectations for these guys.
Spy-- i think with transfers it is always best to optimistically cautious.... as i predict Gilder if healthy will have an all american type season...

One thing to note though, top CBB analysts/ writers (if you want to believe them), predicted Gilder as the #5 grad transfer (1 above Pierce btw) and Jenkins as the #2 "Sit out" transfer... so others think highly of them. Gilder would be much higher i imagine if he played last year and there werent concerns still about his health.

Jenkins shot 45% from three ball with three games of 8 or more 3's hit. I dont care what conference you are in... if you are hitting 8 + 3's in 3 different games in a college season and shoot 45% on the year with 247 attempts, you are an absolute ELITE shooter.