Holmgren and the Sizzle quickly erased the 24 points half time deficit with a stingy defense that only allowed one basket and four free throws in 12 minutes. Holmgren electrified the crowd at Highland High School with tough baskets finishing through contact with a new frame added through intense weight training and nutrition. There is no longer the question of Holmgren's body type and strength.

Holmgren dazzled the crowd with one on one pro moves that led to monstrous poster dunks on opponents and consistent 3 point shooting during the comeback. On the defensive side, Holmgren proved he was an elite rim protector as he consistently sent mail back to the sender!

One of the most spectacular blocks was on Frankie Collins, who I must admit was a great surprise! Collins might be the most underrated player I have seen in the 2021 class. Collins exploded to the rim with amazing power and athleticism only to have his attempt blocked by Holmgren. On the night we tabulated 11 Holmgren's blocks. Holmgren ended the evening with a triple-double, 17 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 blocks in the 3 point loss.