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    Default Potential Non-Grad Transfer Post

    I haven't been able to find a potential non-grad transfer thread in the Whelping Box, and so I thought I would start one. Mods are requested to change the title of this post from "Post" to "Thread," and are encouraged to move other potential non-grad transfer posts here to consolidate them.

    RayQuan Evans
    Evans is a sophomore at North Idaho College, where (this past year?) he "averaged 18.2 points per game and was second in the league with 79 steals and 162 assists. He also averaged 7.4 rebounds per game, and was named the East Region MVP in helping the Cardinals (31-2) to a region title and their second straight NWAC championship." He has just been "named the Northwest Athletic Conference male basketball athlete of the year."

    "Evans is considering several options for next season, including offers from Florida State, Gonzaga and Washington State."

    Any thoughts?
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