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Thread: 2018-2019 All-Americans

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    Default 2018-2019 All-Americans

    Here is the list of the 2018-2019 All-Americans:

    Pre-Season All-Americans: Durr, Ionescu, Samuelson, Ogunbowale and Brown made up the preseason All-America team.

    1st Team All-Americans
    - Napheesa Collier - UConn
    - Megan Gustafson - Iowa
    - Sabrina Ionescu - Oregon
    - Asia Durr - Louisville
    - Teaira McCowan - Mississippi State

    2nd Team All-Americans
    - Arike Ogunbowale - Notre Dame
    - Kalani Brown - Baylor
    - Kristine Anigwe - California
    - Alanna Smith - Stanford
    - Bridget Carleton - Iowa State

    3rd Team All-Americans
    - Katie Lou Samuelson - UConn
    - Jessica Shepard - Notre Dame
    - Jackie Young - Notre Dame
    - Lauren Cox - Baylor
    - Sophie Cunningham - Missouri

    I can't really complain about anybody on the list. Everybody on the list was in the news weekly. The only person I had not heard of or followed was Bridget Carleton of Iowa State.

    Well done ladies, a honor that is well earned.

    Article Link:


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    There are some outstanding players on the Honorable Mention list. There are some very good players that didn't even make HM. Lots of talent spread across the country.

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    As a quick follow-up to the list of All-American's, I found it interesting to compare the prognosticator's 3-round draft predictions to the players listed as All-Americans. It seems as though the prognosticators don't think the games of some of the All-Americans will not translate as well to the WNBA game as it did to the D-1 College Game.

    From ESPN:

    WNBA mock draft 2019 - Predicting all three rounds

    Six players projected to be first-round picks in our third WNBA mock draft will play Friday in the Women's Final Four in Tampa, Florida. In all, 12 players from Baylor, UConn, Notre Dame and Oregon are included among espnW's projection for all three rounds of the April 10 WNBA draft.

    We're including draft-eligible juniors, as designated by an asterisk, but these players have not officially announced their plans. Tynice Martin of West Virginia, who was projected as a late second-round pick in our last installment, announced last week that she would not enter the draft and is staying for her senior season. South Florida's Kitija Laksa, whom we also had as a second-round selection, announced Sunday she will not enter this WNBA draft, but did not say if she would return to the Bulls. The senior suffered a knee injury in South Florida's third game and missed the rest of the season. She could get a medical hardship waiver to be able to play another year in college, but didn't indicate if she would pursue that. She said she was focused on rehabbing her knee.

    First round
    1. Las Vegas: Sabrina Ionescu*, Oregon, 5-11 guard
    2. New York: Asia Durr, Louisville, 5-10 guard
    3. Indiana: Teaira McCowan, Mississippi State, 6-7 center
    4. Chicago: Kristine Anigwe, Cal, 6-4 forward
    5. Dallas: Jackie Young*, Notre Dame, 6-0 guard
    6. Minnesota: Napheesa Collier, UConn, 6-2 forward
    7. Los Angeles: Arike Ogunbowale, Notre Dame, 5-8 guard
    8. Phoenix: Ezi Magbegor, Australia, 6-4 forward
    9. Connecticut: Katie Lou Samuelson, UConn, 6-3 guard
    10. Washington: Alanna Smith, Stanford, 6-4 forward
    11. Atlanta: Kalani Brown, Baylor, 6-7 center
    12. Seattle: Megan Gustafson, Iowa, 6-3 center

    Second round
    13. Phoenix: Sophie Cunningham, Missouri, 6-1 guard
    14. New York: Jessica Shepard, Notre Dame, 6-4 forward
    15. Chicago: Paris Kea, North Carolina, 5-9 guard
    16. Minnesota: Caliya Robinson, Georgia, 6-3 forward
    17. Dallas: Han Xu, China, 6-9 center
    18. Minnesota: Kiara Leslie, NC State, 6-0 guard
    19. Los Angeles: Kennedy Burke, UCLA, 6-1 guard
    20. Minnesota: Brianna Turner, Notre Dame, 6-3 forward
    21. Connecticut: Natisha Hiedeman, Marquette, 5-8 guard
    22. Dallas: Anriel Howard, Mississippi State, 5-11 forward
    23. Atlanta: Naomi Davenport, West Virginia, 6-0 guard/forward
    24. Seattle:Bridget Carleton, Iowa State, 6-1 guard

    Third round
    25. Indiana: Kianna Ibis, Arizona State, 6-1 forward
    26. New York: Cierra Dillard, Buffalo, 5-9 guard
    27. Chicago: Marina Mabrey, Notre Dame, 5-11 guard
    28. Indiana: Allazia Blockton, Marquette, 6-0 guard
    29. Dallas: Kenisha Bell, Minnesota, 5-9 guard
    30. Minnesota: Megan Huff, Utah, 6-3 forward
    31. Los Angeles: Li Yueru, China, 6-7 center
    32. Phoenix: Maite Cazorla, Oregon, 5-10 guard
    33. Connecticut: Taylor Emery, Virginia Tech, 5-10 guard
    34. Washington: Alexis Jennings, South Carolina, 6-3 forward
    35. Atlanta: Chloe Jackson, Baylor, 5-8 guard
    36. Seattle: Teniya Page, Penn State, 5-7 guard
    Article Link:

    Bridget Carlton was a 2nd team All-American but her projected draft position was #24 to Seattle, which is way below her 2nd team All-American status. She is by far the lowest drafted seed of the All-Americans. The next worst projected draft position for an All-American is Sophie Cunningham at #13. 3rd team All-Americans Katie Lou Samuelson and Jessica Young are project to be drafted #9 and #5, which is way above their All-American status.

    Just some interesting thoughts.


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