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Thread: Now What? What's Next? How Do You Fill Your Empty Life?

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    I have a new deep respect for Spike. I was the Easter Bunny for my son's preschool class last week (he had no clue it was me). I will not be spending anymore of my time in fluffy costumes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazzgirl_127 View Post
    He turns one on the 16th, it's gone by way too fast! He likes getting into everything his brothers are doing. He also learned to climb onto furniture this weekend, which is terrifying since he doesn't always want to dismount feet first. And clapping was learned right after he took a few steps, he decided that taking steps without proper acknowledgement of his hard work wasn't going to cut it.
    So he'll take a couple steps, clap for himself, the clapping makes him lose his balance, he falls, and then claps for his graceful fall while he's laying down

    Hubby and the boys were thinking of signing up for soccer this summer but it looks like we'd be committing our full Saturdays if we went with the local club...and I'm just not willing to give up the full day when we could go kayaking or biking instead of taking turns sitting at the field. I plan to teach the oldest one to ice skate better this summer so he can play hockey for a Little Penguins team in the winter (it's a relatively cheap way to start hockey since they give you the equipment), I'm not sure if Stanley will want to learn to skate too or if he's just happy standing firmly on the ground.
    They actually do like video games, much to my chagrin, but they've only played older games, our "newest" console is either a GameCube or a PS2 lol. But they can do that when it rains and I don't feel like taking them to a museum.
    All of our boys have been 70th(oldest) to 99th(the younger two)percentile as babies, I would be very very surprised if that trend continues into adulthood, although who knows, one may surprise us.
    it's a relatively cheap way to start hockey since they give you the equipment

    Ah, yeah.

    Back 40 years ago even, when I played Tier I AAA in Toronto, we'd "get sponsors" INDIVIDUALLY to help buy equipment and ice fees - that was high level hockey, travel, all that but man oh man was it expensive even BACK THEN. When we'd go to Canadian Tire (Kinda like Canada's Dicks, only has everything hardware, too) we'd see people from Buffalo bc the American dollar was stronger than Canadian, and the Canadian brands (Bauer, CCM) were cheaper in Canada.

    When I played club hockey at GU, I started going to the local businesses near GU to help buy equipment. That's "how it was done" in my head, I quickly learned that it may be how it's done at Tier One in Toronto, but not club hockey at GU.

    Now it's my nephew on Spokane's top team who inherited the hockey genes. BTW, GZ was an excellent goalie for GU back before my days.
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
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    Videos of beautiful ladies playing heavy metal bagpipes?
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