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Thread: The Get-it -Out -of -Your- System -and -Rant -Here -Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by rennis View Post
    Crushing loss. Almost as bad as the UCLA loss in 2006. Not because we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, but because they could have won it all next weekend, and should have. And everyone knew it.
    Everyone also knows it's a one game season in the tournament.

    It happens.

    It was a spectacular year, and I just refuse to see it any other way. No team that gets to the E8 should ever have to apologize for a loss at that point.

    Yes, it is crushing, but we didn't lose to a pretender. We had a bad game.

    Great year.
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
    Mark Twain.

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    good teams overcome bad refs, true. bad refs exist and to overcome, you must be a good team.

    I rewatched the game, had to do it. Until the first TV timeout at the under 16, the game was being called as it was happening, with 4 whistles vs. TT, all earned. Then it changed after that first TV timeout at the under 16 1st half, for whatever reason, to the effect we all saw. interesting, whatever

    make a play here, a play there...all true too...or no chance to overcome. the other side is miss a play here, a play there...and get mulligans and do overs as needed? I love Zag basketball becasue they are not part of that, as other programs which I despise seem to evidently be.

    earlier this year there was discussion on how refs could affect games. One of the answers was how they call it, tight or loose, physical or whatever. create the matchup, then assign refs to call the game a certain way. that is exaclty what happened. and the Zags were not good enough to overcome that, true

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