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Team showed so much heart at end when it appeared the game was totally over. What grit. I feel terrible for Josh for that foul at the end. What an unusual situation, but it's something I could see happening to a number of players. Surprised it doesn't happen more often.

That's all she wrote. You cannot turn the ball over like that and win against great competition at this level. So much of it was self induced, but I also feel self induced TO's relate to fear of the defense.

Hitting a bunch of three's would've helped Gonzaga to combat the TO's, but Tech took them away.

Feel terrible for the seniors. But all along I had concerns about Josh as Gonzaga's PG at THIS level of tournament. Again, it's why 3 major basketball analysts picked Tech and Michigan to get out of this region. He's never had a good handle, and is not fast enough to get by in your grill defenders like Mooney. That'll change when Dom Harris gets here in 2020. He finished as GU's all-time assist leader, but that isn't ALL that goes into making a national championship caliber PG. Even with Josh being GU's all-time assist leader, I still feel his best season was in 2017 when he worked with Nigel as the primary ball handler.

An end of an era for Gonzaga basketball. Good chance we don't make the dance one of the next 2 seasons. The loss of Rui and Clarke to the draft is gonna hurt. And Few has to sell a grad transfer PG to come to Spokane despite the fact that the team will be super young. Will be tough. I realize there are other roster choices, but they are not good enough, and the team probably needs experience at the PG spot due to all the youth that will be on he team.

Major credit to TT and Coach Chris Beard, who I felt went into this game with a major coaching disadvantage (not because he isn't a great coach, but due to NCAA tourney inexperience). He did an amazing job turning his team's offense around. They were in the 90's at kenpom.com most of the year. Now they are final four good, although I will be the first guy to admit that some of those threes his fellows hit were so well contested.

Now on to the Jack Daniels. This loss sucks.
It does sting. Good analysis.