View Poll Results: GUnit of the Game - S16 - FSU - 3. 28. 19 ?

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  • Perkins

    25 18.52%
  • Clarke

    66 48.89%
  • Hachimura

    16 11.85%
  • Norvell, Jr.

    7 5.19%
  • Kispert

    1 0.74%
  • Tillie

    11 8.15%
  • Jones

    2 1.48%
  • Other. . .(and why)

    7 5.19%
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Thread: GUnit of the Game - NCAA Sweet 16 - FSU - 3. 28. 19 ??

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    I liked whole starting lineup. Each guy had his moments, Perkins struggled to run offense in 2nd half..but had his great moments too. Tillie solid this game in limited role.

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    I voted for Clarke because I thought he not only was great defensively, offensively, and on the boards...but he also was key in breaking any attempt at a press FSU put forth. Long teams with depth can wreak havoc with a press. It's an incredible advantage to have big guys that can handle the ball so well. Completely neutralized the pressure from the Noles.

    I also just feel like Clarke's toughness is contagious on this team. Seeing JWIII last night reminded me of how important he was to last year's team from that respect, and Clarke has taken over that role and then some. That put back dunk he had was insane. Just a grown a** man out there.

    Honorable mention to Jeremy Jones. Very little in the box score, but he provided some great defensive minutes and per his usual didn't make any mistakes...really helped the bigs avoid foul trouble to put him in for stretches of time. Such a key depth piece for the Zags.

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    I would have voted for Clarke twice if I could.

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    One thing the announcing crew did get correct last night is that Perkins was the key to this game. Florida State tried to take his passing away and also tried to deny him the ball. Despite a few missteps along the way, Perkins managed this game tremendously. Scoring as an antidote to FSU's strategy and passing when he had the opportunity.

    Perkins command of this game was best exemplified in the fact that Crandall only played 8 minutes. Crandall is IMO a great player, but he was not ready for the defensive pressure FSU was bringing at the point of attack. Perkins of course dealt with it the entire game!

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    I'd give an honorable mention to Randy Bennett for the refocusing slap in the face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tummydoc View Post
    I'd give an honorable mention to Randy Bennett for the refocusing slap in the face.
    Hilarious! Well played. Needed a laugh, thanks

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