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I am killing Bowser today. I really see no point. I have posted nonsense on this Board and its' 3 or 4 predecessors for, Jesus, I think it's been over 20 years.

I am actually a pretty quiet guy, moderate drinker, good driver and loyal husband and father, know nothing about extradition treaties, never had a hot oil message and avoid hot tubs for sanitary reasons . . . pretty much the opposite of "Bowser".

Have had a lot of fun over the years but that has changed. I don't get much of a charge out of being the GUB version of Al Czervik. Some of you are good friends and always will be . . . even though there are a number of you good friends whom I've never met in person. I appreciate those of you who seem to have actual basketball knowledge. I sure as hell don't. I have the distinct feeling some of you "are really not that into me." I got no problem with that. To each his, her or whatever own. That's your deal.

No matter. I wish you all well. Even the pearl clutchers and window lickers.

Because there is at least one thing on which we all agree: Go Zags.

Your Pal, Bowser

PS: In the unlikely event I actually find my paper print out of Surfmonkey's classic "How to Make a Burrito", I will send it to one of you dweebs so you can post it for old time's sake.
Don't know why this thread was moved to The Foo. . .it clearly belongs elsewhere