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Thread: 2019 - Ballo - Committed

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    I’m excited to see his rim protection and curious about how fast he can the length of the court in a GU gam

    A couple of those blocks in the NBA Academy game looked like lightning strikes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by soccerdud View Post
    if anyone wanted to see more ballo (and honestly, who doesn't?), i found this in a link from smc boards:

    it's ballo's NBA academy team vs an american prep school. apparently smc has been linked with vescovi (mentioned on this forum previously). anyway, the video is extended full-game highlights (and therefore doesn't revolve around a single player/team), but ballo shows up a lot, particularly in the 2nd half.
    Just as he showed at FIBA, Ballo is a very solid passer out of the post, vs double teams, & when the play isnt there; however, Ballo so big he should sometimes attempt this shots under the hoop to draw the foul, put pressure on their bigs.

    Also, has a really nice, natural touch, and excellent finisher. He has numerous and-1's at FIBA given his ability to put the ball in the hoop at weird angles or through contact.

    Needs to work on his speed and conditioning yet so do 99.9% of young bigs.

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    Release the Beast We are ready for Ballo.

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