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Thread: Withers: Thinner, but big winners

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    Default Withers: Thinner, but big winners

    This ain't rocket surgery!

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    Nice find. Captured my emotions perfectly. If only!

    Withers forgot Tillie's broken finger his Frosh season, & missed a handful of games.

    And it's been more than one ankle sprain, I believe it has been a few.

    Ankle X 3, foot, hip, finger, bilateral knee issues in HS, and the only player this year to receive stitches!

    Poor guy

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    Liked Bud's concluding comparison of this year's team to past performances:

    How does GU stack up against the best previous Gonzaga teams? That ’17 Final Four team that’s second on Ken Pomeroy’s list had a 28.1-point average margin through 17 WCC games, but the winning streak came to an end in the season finale against BYU.

    The ’14-15 Elite Eight club had a more modest 16.1-point margin of victory before BYU also ended that streak on Senior Night at the Kennel.

    Aside from the ’19 and ’17 GU teams, maybe the most comparable club – in terms of potential – was the 2013 squad that was upset by Wichita State in the NCAA second round. That team, which surely looked to have Final Four chops, ran the table over 16 WCC games, with an average margin of 19.4 points – more than 11 behind the current team’s pace.

    Now the 2018-19 Zags have to try to fulfill their dreams without Tillie, at least for a while. For one night, at least, they seemed to be trying to say it's doable.

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    “ We tend to forget in times of reversal that life without risk is endless rehearsal.” -- Fran J. Polek

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