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Thread: Congrats to Poster CG3Dad and his Daughter Chelsey

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    Default Congrats to Poster CG3Dad and his Daughter Chelsey

    The WCC has announced that this week's WBB of the Week is Chelsey Gipson of LMU.

    Article Link:

    Congrats go out to CG3Dad and his daughter for a great week.

    A well earned honor.

    Way to go guys,


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    Congratulations Chelsey!

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    This ain't rocket surgery!

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    Thanks Zags,

    Your ladies are definitely leading the way as well showing other conferences that we've also got some talented and hard working players over here in the WCC. Congrats.

    Chelsey, of course, and our team, has been plagued by injuries. That goes, unfortunately, with the territory. We're really looking forward to getting Gabby back so, as a senior, she can have an opportunity to finish strong!

    But in Gabby's absence, I've seen Chelsey, especially over the last couple months really SCALE her game up to the college level. She's managed to unpack several "signature" shots (hesitation dribble drives, scoops, floaters in the paint, step back 3) all over again. During her prep career we always had a goal established for her early of what we called between the two of us of


    And that is 40% 3PT, 60%FG, 80%FT. She's managed to achieve that personal goal, and more.

    I admire and respect the work ethic. The other team members are also doing a fantastic job. Bree Alford, for example set the school's record for rebounding on the round. Turns out she's been setting records in rebounding her whole career (prep) as her high school coach elaborated on last week.
    It's a team effort.

    I like that!

    It's obvious that the Zag ladies are putting in the work as well. Last year, your offense flowed primarily through JB and she provided the continuity. This year I see one of the top TEAMS in D1 women's basketball.
    There's only a handful of programs (and most are in the AP top 25) that play TEAM ball as well as the Lady Zags.

    Any program, if they can:
    1) lead with great defense,
    2) play together as a team; and
    3) "feed" off each other with a fluid, effective offense,

    is gonna be successful.

    Very exciting times. Can't believe the season is almost over. It goes by so fast.

    Thanks again for all your kind well wishes.


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    Congrats CG3Dad and Chelsey!

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    Fantastic! Congrats to Chelsey and her proud dad.

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