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Thread: Which would u choose?

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    Beating Duke is a milestone.... better yet we may get to beat them twice and avenge the Tennessee loss.... now that is what I'd call a special National Championship run to end the season...

    Give us Ballo now.... and commits from Suggs and Strawther and it just gets better and better for GU Nation....

    Go!! Zags!!!
    "Learn from the past, Plan for the future, Live in the Now!"

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    No!! There are many teams Gonzaga has never defeated, but few legendary ones. Each first Zag victory over one of these will be celebrated and legitimize what the program has become — a national leader!

    There are schools the Zags won’t defeat, because their victories came years ago, and they are sub-par programs. Still, there are a couple of top teams the Zags have never defeated, but will. Cannot wait for the celebrations!

    By the way, think GU is near the top of number of schools played. RESEARCHERS: bring us some answers, which will put things in perspective and be gratifying. Thanks in advance for your efforts.

    Go Zags!

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