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Thread: GU vs Pacific Postgame Thoughts & Anaysis

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzdelmar View Post
    Perkins is still the best shooter on the team (46%, 40%)
    Norvell is still a chucker (43%, 37%)

    Kispert is literally and figuratively a 5th wheel (42%, 37%)
    A little arithmetic on this.

    Perkins has scored 152 pts on 136 shots for an effective fg% of 55.9%

    Norvell has scored 218 pts on 197 shots for an efg% of 55.3.

    Kispert has scored 136 pts on 123 shots for an effective fg% of 55.3.

    Kispert and Norvell take most of their shots from behind the line, which lowers their overall %'s. Just over half of Josh's shots are 3's, while ZN and CK are closer to 70% of attempts from 3. But both ZN and CK have a slightly better percentage on 2's than Perk; Perk a shade over 51% on 2's, ZN 56%, CK +- 54%.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
    The only other thing of significance that stood out to me was when the Pacific player undercut Rui on his break away dunk. He absolutely did this on purpose and he did receive a flagrant for it but I thought it was deserving of an ejection. There was no reaction from him or coach complaining about being assessed a flagrant either and if you watch the replay he tried to do it subtlety and turned his back but continued to stay under Rui even when Rui swung on the rim to give himself somewhere to land. Its not like the pacific player tackled him but it could have ended in a very serious injury if Rui lands wrong. I just cant stand that kind of stuff, especially when it looks like there is intent.
    I went ballistic when I saw that play. I was swearing at the TV, and when I finally calmed down I wanted to reach through the TV screen and shave that stupid hair off his stupid head. Rui showed great composure in not going after him. I'm sure he knew if he did, the WCC would suspend him for the next game.

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