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    I got the fun pass (again!!) this year and will be attending the Monday and Tuesday sessions of the WCC Basketball Tournament. I'm lucky to be attending with two good friends this year. We haven't secured tickets yet, but it sure would be nice to get good seats all together.

    If you've got a lead, please reply to this thread or send me an email directly at


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    I suggest you call the ticket offices of all the schools in the WCC not named GU or BYU & get your name on their waiting list for tickets, then follow up as the time draws near. I did this 4 years ago & had 2 schools eventually call me back. My daughter got all-tourney passes from USD last year (she lives in Western Wa.) and wound up in the 6th row behind their bench. As it turned out (total luck), she was also behind the Zag bench with those same tickets for all 3 games they played.
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