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    Just some of MY thoughts from this last weeks WBB game against SMC...

    We have been discussing the heavy contact that happens every time we play SMC.
    To me there is heavy contact play... then there is Bennett ball. How many times did we see a player of ours go for a layin just to have the ball hit either under the basket or backboard. Any thoughts?
    I watched SMC players get beat to the basket and you usually saw low contact that was just enough to force our players under the basket... Bennett ball. I’m no sure if Thomas shares an office but one would wonder. This kind of play was known in the WCC but became nationally know when one of Bennett’s players started playing in the NBA. It’s sad that it has become part of WBB.
    Second thought on this kind of play. We talked about Zee being able to deal with this type of play... is the mental thing part of it also? Get the other team mad and out of their game? My thought is yes. It’s sad if the coaches teach this... it’s Bennett ball and I think it’s dirty and shouldn’t be part of the game. Officials should keep an eye on it and call them on it.

    Again just my thoughts...

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    St. Mary's and BYU are historically the most physical of the WCC teams we play with very solid players in the post. Without a doubt, Thomas and Judkins (and/or their assistants) teach their bigs how to use their "ample" lower assets to move, chuck, relocated, etc. the opposition on both ends of the court. Yes, whether you impede the offensive player with the hip, the posterior, the thigh, the knee, etc. it is just as much a foul as if you impeded them with a shoulder, an elbow, an arm, etc. This is true according to the rule book, but in real life it is different.

    Much like there is holding on every offensive play in football, there are fouls on almost every basketball play. The referees tend to more closely watch the upper body because it is easier to see and define whose body part is instigating the contact. Thomas, Judkins and their staffs know this and teach their ladies on how to use their lower extremities to the extent the referees allow them to achieve inside position or to relocate an opponent out of position. Historically, the lady zags have resulted in using their upper body to establish position and then are called for the anticipated foul. The bigs on this year's lady zag squad are using their lower body much better than they have in the past. The key is becoming a war zone. Watch Zee, the Wirths, JT and Melody and it is scrap after scrap on both ends of the court for position. Our ladies are giving as good as or even more than they are getting. Thursday was a coaching mistake that put the ladies in a bad position. I am sure that you will see them play much better against McKay down there in round 2.

    As a point of emphasis this year, the officials were to be watching for the excessive contact in the key, to open it up for the offenses. Certainly on the women's side, this has absolutely has not been happening in the WCC. It is Roller Derby gone wild in the key trip after trip down the court. I am somewhat concerned that when our ladies get to the NCAA and we get some real refs, that we may encounter some foul problems if the non-WCC refs call the game the way it is supposed to be called.

    In every sport that I ever played, my coaches always told me to play as hard as the officials would let you play. Once someone got called, you knew what was too far. I think that St. Mary's and BYU are the two best examples of that mentality in the WCC. They will bang with the best of them (and then flop - BYU) until the refs step in. Whether it be right or wrong, there are teams that will continue to push the physicality until the officials step in and curb it.

    What bothered me last night was that it was WWE night in the key all night long and yet a simple reach outside the key was being called. Three people would surround Zee or the Wirths with two of them banging on the arms and one person getting part of the ball and the officials let it go. If anybody touched the ball it was o'k. This is just wrong and leads to some very physical play where people can get hurt, which nobody wants.

    Realistically, all I hope for is that the game is called fairly and equally on both ends of the court and consistently throughout the game. I just hate that when the refs allow the ladies to play then come out after halftime and put their whistles to use time after time for calls that they let go 20 minutes earlier.


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    It's great to see others noticing this too... below the waist contact is why Shem's shots were off in the Nat. championship game against UNC... it's happens to the men too... Z was getting mugged and so were the Wirths.... I have long referred to this type of play as rugby on hardwood but your WWE analogy fits well.... thank the NBA for this mutation in basketball......true basketball is a game of beauty where the offense should always have the advantage, if officiated correctly.... in the days when the rules were simple defense was played with the feet and body positioning and the only time a defensive players hand could touch an offensive player is if it's on the hand, on the ball.... EVERYTHING ELSE BY RULE WAS A FOUL..... now there are sections and subsections concerning fouls and body contact and even though stated in black and white these new rules are always subjective to interpretation by the referees officiating each individual game... I liked the old way better... when a foul was a foul...

    Just my opinion...

    Go!! Las Zagas!!!

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