Mac Graff's journey to the Gonzaga men's basketball program is documented in the S-R feature story linked below.

“His disposition and enthusiasm and his effervescence are contagious,” Few said. “It is great for this team. He has a powerful impact on this team. It’s not a charitable thing. It’s because they love him, and they feed off his energy and positivity. … It allows our guys to get great perspective on those days where they think they are having a bad day, it really is not that bad.”

Graff is in his second year as a manager for the basketball team and he wouldn’t trade it for anything.

“It is tremendous,” he said. “All the managers are great. … It is a lot of fun being around the guys and having relationships with all of the guys and all of the coaches. It’s one big family.”

Only one player remains from the collection of players who took time to see him at St. Luke’s, redshirt senior point guard Perkins.

“He had an unfortunate accident, but he is the most positive human being I have been around for (four) years,” Perkins said. “He is honestly an inspiration to why we should go so hard every day, because any given day it could be taken away from you.
Might be the best five minute read you'll have all day.