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Thread: Why these injuries are the best thing for GU:

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    Default Why these injuries are the best thing for GU:

    Here are the reasons why Tillie and Crandall's injuries are great for GU (in no particular order):
    1. Offensive intricacy--The guys who have been playing all these minutes while Tillie is recovering are figuring out when and how to get their shots within the offense. Had Tillie been on the floor, those players (Norvell, Clarke, Rui) would have received substantially fewer looks and all three, as good as they are, seemed to have lacked at some points a bit of understanding of when and where those looks will come from within the flow. They all have improved greatly.
    1A. Tillie will fill in without disrupting. Tillie does not need the entire offense to run through him, so he will find his shots within the pre-existing framework, which has had a chance to mature without him. I feel that GU can run their sets for Clarke, Rui and Norvell and use Tillie to fill in the gaps. Of course, he deserves to have plays run for him but I think he will fit in as seamlessly as any player could.
    2. Peaking at the right time--the knock on Tillie seems to be that he is not durable and that he doesn't seem to want to shoulder as much of the load as he seems capable of shouldering. With this injury, he will be allowed to be the insanely skilled weapon he is, and not a beast of burden that some higher volume players. Norvell or Rui and Clarke have shown that they can do most of offensive heavy lifting. What would Clarke's offensive game look like had Tillie been healthy from the get go? And, how healthy would Tillie be come March had he been playing all season?
    3. Crandall's confidence--I sense that Crandall is cut from the same cloth as Norvell--if his confidence is high, watch out. Playing against these top 10 teams might not have been great for his confidence. Yes, it would have helped to have him see that level of competition but I think GU needs a confident Crandall more than anything. Now he will be coming in at the perfect time to take it to some WCC teams and also allow Josh to rest (which appears to be badly needed). I can only imagine how fun it will be to see Crandall going head to head with Frankie Ferrari or some other good WCC guard and winning.
    4. Renewed energy--when many teams will begin to feel the drag of a long season, the Zags will be getting a boost of energy and enthusiasm. As tired as they have looked in the last two games, this boost of Tillie and Crandall might feel like the start of a new season.
    These injuries could be the best thing to have happened to this team. They off to a great start but even so, they probably feel like they have only begun to scratch the surface of what they are capable of.
    Of course, I could be way off and maybe this is just wishful thinking.
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    A hopeful hypothesis, the realization of which would be at least Final Four. Geno will return, learn the system, and spell Perkins. Tillie’s injury will take more time. In addition, he must decide whether his career will be better served by returning this year or next. Tough decision, only he can make it, and I fervently hope he makes the best choice for him. Whatever he decides, I respect him, thank him for his contributions, and know he will always be a Zag.

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