Article in the Settle Times and Spokesman Review this morning re: the Oregon Province's practice of parking their predatory priests at Cardinal Bea House. . .

For more than three decades, Cardinal Bea House near Gonzaga’s campus served as a retirement repository for at least 20 Jesuit priests accused of sexual misconduct that predominantly took place in small, isolated Alaska Native villages and on Indian reservations across the Northwest, an investigation by the Northwest News Network and Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting has found.

Internal Jesuit correspondence shows a longstanding pattern of Jesuit officials in what was then the Oregon Province – an administrative area that included Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho and Alaska – privately acknowledging issues of inappropriate sexual behavior, but not releasing that information to the public, which avoided scandal and protected the perpetrators from prosecution.

When abuse was discovered, the priests would be reassigned, sometimes to another Native community.

Once the abusive priests reached retirement age, the Jesuits moved them to Cardinal Bea House near Gonzaga’s campus or another Jesuit residence to comfortably spend the rest of their lives in relative peace and safety. The university administration did not respond to requests for an interview.

Perhaps the most troubling revelations involve the Rev. Frank Case, a prominent Jesuit who is currently the vice president of Gonzaga and chaplain for the school’s nationally ranked men’s basketball team.