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Thread: Anxiety and Fear

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    Quote Originally Posted by Therunner View Post
    Apologies for the apparent ignorance, yet who are Zach Harvey and/or Hommes? If its the same Harvey, I thought he was headed to Kansas?

    Looking for threads or previous posts, yet unable to locate any connection b/w GU and these two players, esp Hommes.

    thanks in advance for any info.
    As of about a month ago we now have a dedicated recruiting form:

    Hommes is the 6'8 small/shooting guard from Washington that is currently at point Loma and is either going to declare for the NBA or a grad transfer next year. Harvey is being wooed by Gonzaga to re-classify as a 2019 and I think he has a visit set up for our St. Mary's game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YukonJack View Post
    As someone mentioned we are only 20 percent through the season and let us not worry about the future. Well, I just cant help it and this has been addressed but not fully. Seems like I must have low confidence, lack knowledge, or just unable to focus at the task at hand.

    Worst case: We lose Rui, Tillie,Clarke, ZN. Perkins and Jones graduate of course. That leaves us bare. One experienced players in Kispert with Petrusev and the rest unknown even Watson and a couple others as totally unknown. That sounds like must I say.....a streak ender?

    More likely, we retain ZN and Clarke..still need Pg right?

    Lottery win: We get a PG that ready to go and we lose only Rui and of course the seniors

    Anyone ready to make a statement that can settle the anxiety?

    Now back to the task at hand while we become the first 10 win team.
    I know Rui will be gone....but Zach is not ready for the NBA and neither is Clarke. Tillie might have been without the injury, but even if he returns in January it will be mid February before he is close to 100%...not sure that will be enough time to satisify the NBA scouts...
    Mock Drafts have Rui anywhere from 5 to 15, Clarke from 19 to 53, Norvell from 26 to 2nd round, and Tillie from 44 to not drafted. Still lots of basketball to be played ...but if ALL 4 go to NBA it will be a GOOD thing because it will mean the Zags have won the NCAA championship! If they are sensible about it then Clarke, Norvell, and Tillie will all return and continue to work on their weakenesses and Tille proves that he is NOT injury prone!!
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    Let’s enjoy this year and not jinx the future. We will be fine!

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    Every season has unique challenges. This includes the message board, I suppose.

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    Reading this thread makes me think of just how much Mr. Josh Perkins will be missed next year. As stated by many, "He isn't the best player on the floor but he is the most important player on the floor". His leadership has been outstanding, he was an integral part of the team that nearly won a national championship and brings a ton to the table. He get's a little fancy sometimes, but man when it works it's a thing of beauty. Go Josh, keep that lead foot on the pedal and bring it all home.
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    Fear and Loathing in Spokane
    I am working on being a more all around square.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPtheBeasta View Post
    Every season has unique challenges. This includes the message board, I suppose.
    I agree. While I enjoy the message board immensely, I occasionally find myself spending too much time here and getting caught up in the expectations, the what if's, the second-guessing, and the worries about all things Zag. For myself, I figured out a couple of years ago that taking a break from the message board was a good thing, even a few days can help. It's easy to get submerged in all these threads.
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