Gonzaga University needs to immediately terminate the Vice President of Student Development for issuing the absolute worst public statement in the history of the University.

In denying the request by the Gonzaga College Republicans invitation to have a Conservative Jewish speaker Ben Shapiro speak to them she issues the most anti-semitic statement I have ever seen out of any university. One of the reasons for denying the Jewish speaker is that “Gonzaga University is committed to the human dignity of every individual,” VP of Student Devlopment Judith Biggs Garbuio stated. “This is the core of our mission based on the teachings of Christ Jesus, and the foundations of the Society of Jesus. We stand in solidarity with vulnerable members of our community who may be targeted for discrimination, ridicule, or harassment by others.”

It absolutely disgusting that the University feels its better to shut down the free flow of speech on campus than to allow students to listen to those with opposing view points. She didn't have any problem last year when she approved Angela Davis to speak on campus. The same Angela Davis who spouts anti-semitic rhetoric including taking positions that Jews should be exterminated and espouses the same anti-Jewish rhetoric that Aryan Nation members throw out but we have a conservative Jewish speaker isn't welcome because quite frankly her statement implies its because he is Jewish not Catholic.

There have been a lot of Jewish students at Gonzaga and this public statement the University put out is glaring anti-semitic. There are a lot of donors who donate a lot of money to Gonzaga each year, like myself, who will now second guess whether we should send in a check to the University because of this woman's statement. I don't know if we hired this woman once the Hayden Lake Aryan Nations compound was shut down or what but halting discussion on a college campus does not lead to the pursuit of a quality education nor does disallowing Jewish speakers to speak on campus because their religion isn't based on the teachings of Christ Jeusus and the foundations of the Society of Jesus.

Thayne needs to fix this and fix it fast. The first thing he should do is fire this nitwit and the second thing is personally call this Jewish speaker and invite him to share his ideas (whether you like them or hate them) so that people can expand their intellectual thinking processes instead of keeping alternative ideologies isolated. Students are smart enough to think for themselves and Gonzaga students in particular are smart otherwise they wouldn't have gotten into the University. The students don't need some anti-semitic woman cutting off speach because it comes from someone who happens to be Jewish.