From the Spokesman-Review website:

With the perennially contending Zags being courted by the Mountain West, athletic director Mike Roth sought a way for WCC teams – namely, his team – to get paid for winning in the tournament, and to move away from the even split of tournament revenue that most conferences prefer, regardless of who wins.

“It was a unique situation,” Roth said. “We had one conference that wanted us, and one conference that wanted to keep us. So, welcome to America.”
Article covers some of the same turf as found in last summer's discussions of should we stay or should we go vis a vis the MW vs WCC

According to statistics compiled by the AP, the Zags brought in more than $51 million to the WCC since 1999 based on their success – 21 straight NCAA appearances, one Final Four and, most recently, five straight trips to the Sweet 16.