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Thread: Gonzaga refuses Jewish speaker on campus citing teachings of Jesus as reason

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    Quote Originally Posted by former1dog View Post
    Point of order.

    Strictly speaking, the church is not opposed to homosexuality.
    That's not my point. Tex claims Spitzer wouldn't have let this happen, as though Spitzer was somehow open to hosting all points of view. Spitzer's history, OTOH, indicated otherwise. He was a "company man" as the citation I offered demonstrates.

    Side note:

    I have an acquaintance on FB who states she has a deep love and devotion to "the Catholic faith." She writes: "I oppose hiring professors at Catholic schools who live openly gay lives in contradiction to the Church's moral teaching and in opposition to a Catholic school's mission." She asserts homosexuality "is a moral evil" that violates " fundamental Catholic teaching on the sanctity of complementary marriage." She's waging a lobbying campaign to support Shapiro's appearance via social media, letters to The Bulletin, and other measures. She is in her early 60's, as am I. We have nothing in common when it comes to spiritual matters. Our only common ground is we attended GU.

    There are Zags of all political stripes: Conservative. Liberal. Agnostic. Deist. Catholic. Jewish. Protestant. . .the list goes on and on.

    Happily, Gonzaga basketball, to a degree, unites these diversities a few hours at a time, 30 - 35 times a year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RenoZag View Post
    That's not my point.
    You of course know your point better than anyone, but I was replying to the narrow sliver of your post which said the church was opposed to homosexuality. Its an important distinction for me that the myth of Catholicism and Catholics in general as being opposed to homosexuals be extinguished.

    Your acquaintence stating that homosexuality is a moral evil is factually wrong, according to the Catechism.

    To live in full communion and to the letter of the law of the church, a homosexual must remain chaste.

    With that said, I know folks personally who are homosexual and who are in committed relationships with people of the same sex who do attend mass regularly. I welcome them. Are their "sins" an offense to God and all his followers? That is between God and them.

    Have a good day.

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