Due to popular request, The Whelping Box is created as the recruiting sub-forum to keep our recruiting discussions more manageable and easily navigable. There are some general guidelines for this forum that will help with that.

- Recruit thread titles start with the year group of the recruit then the recruit’s name. They can be modified to indicate recruit’s status (offered, accepted, accepted at a different school, etc). Please don’t start a new thread with new information for a recruit announcing status change or breaking news, etc. Check to make sure if there is not already a thread for that recruit and post information in the existing thread if it exists.

- There will be no bashing recruits. Posters violating this will be given infractions, multiple offenses will result in banning. Being critical of a recruit’s skill or position fit within the team or system is fine, but there should be no bashing of recruits’ based on their or their parents’ background or off-court issues. It is the coaching staff’s job to vet recruits and make offer decisions.

Please enjoy!