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Thread: Kennel Club not full - are these tickets for sale?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpn17 View Post
    When you are ranked the #3 team in the nation and you're playing Idaho State it is hard to generate excitement. I'm sorry but it is. If that means Gonzaga fans are "fair weathered" or "entitled" then so be it. But it's human nature. There's a reason that if Gonzaga plays down at Pacific before playing Saint Mary's people call it a trap game. The same principle applies here. I think people are way too hard on Gonzaga's fans honestly. I was at the game against Texas Southern and the atmosphere was great. Go watch Pacific play Pepperdine in front of 600 people and then see what you think.

    This is about making the extra tickets available for those who don't ever get a chance to go to a game. Students and season ticket holders may not get excited for every game, but those who can't go surely will.

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    We were able to take our little grand daughter to the Idaho game and our seats were next to the KC. She cheered the whole game but at one point in the game while standing cheering she turned around and then said to me "Why aren't these people cheering?" The guy behind us said "You're cheering enough for all of us. " It was really funny but true. (I cheer, stand up, whatever regardless of where we are lucky enough to get seats. Love every minute of the games) BTW the cheer leaders all high fived our grand daughter on their way out at half time (we were in row 3 section 108) and invited her for pictures after the game. So cool. (section 107 next to us was completely empty)
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbslicer View Post
    It was about 98% full.
    Sorry I disagree. The band was moved from its usual place to the front of the box seats. That section was part of the student section. The section where the band used to sit was 100 percent non students. So either the administration downsized the student section or students didn’t bother to get tickets. Either way, bad sign.

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