OK... Going to take a bit for me to shake the cobwebs out as I moved to a new machine since last year and experienced a hard drive failure before old spreadsheet got copied over. Rebuilding them tonight and going to try and make it more efficient for myself. Last couple seasons were a bit convoluted for me as the sheet just kind of evolved. Now I have a chance to clean it up for myself.

Should have results up tomorrow night.

Scoring this year is as follows:
Zag Delta *2 + Opp Delta *2 + Spread Delta + Wrong winner penalty (+10 if wrong)

Lowest score wins.

With ties (only done for top 3) tie breaks are as follows:
1. Zag Delta
2. Opp Delta
3. Spread Delta

If two people predict the same score then the first to post it takes tie break goes to first to post.