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Thread: Another Injury...

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    Default Another Injury...

    Read the Review tonight on the women’s game coming up Friday. The paper said that LW will be starting in place of her sister due to JW breaking a finger on her shooting hand. Sounds like Jenn will be out up to three weeks... lots of games in the next few weeks. Will miss her...

    Get well soon Jenn...

    Go Zags!!

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    Hope Melody, Gillian et al are ready for some early season minutes., cuz there will be some to go around.

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    Ugh......really wish we had one more big....coaches have to anticipate injuries...don't know if they tried but there were some posts out there this summer.

    .we will miss jen.....Leanne is very capable however....I have full faith in jt,lf,melody and Gillian could be a big surprise as could corryn.

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