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    Unfortunately hearing from a couple of different people that Kylee's shoulder injury has required surgery and will be done for the year. Suppose we will have to wait for something offical unless someone has the same information.

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    Tough break for Kylee our thoughts and prayers are with you young lady.

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    That must be incredibly disappointing for her. Speedy recovery, Kylee.

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    Sorry to hear that. I was looking forward to watching her this year. Keeping good thoughts for her.

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    terrible news......prayers for Kylee.

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    Always hate to hear that. This hits close to home for us - because my girl Chelsey has suffered from a shoulder injury for years. Cost her most of the season last year. (The auto accident we both suffered last August certainly contributed to aggravating it as well!) Fortunately (KNOCK ON WOOD) her doctors were able to get it under control right before the final game in the WCC championships in Vegas last year. It's always tough with situations like this because your girl is always hoping she can "pull it out" and then you miss red shirting (injured).

    But you can't really second guess these things. We made our decision last year...just thankful and hopeful that she is able to start her sophomore year in college this year 100% healthy, which actually hasn't been the case for years during her prep high school years. Prayers for Kylee and family!!

    Me and my best friend Dave have been beside ourselves since March waiting for the season to start! LOL!

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    Keeping Kylee in our thoughts and prayers.

    Take all the time you need to get 100% ready for next year.

    Good Luck,


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