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Thread: This team vs past teams

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    Default This team vs past teams

    For the fun of it, I pulled out my programs of years past.

    Starting with 2008 I went back and did some reminiscing...

    Looking at the players... well we had talent. Each year we had great players... but also had a weakness. The plus was the quality of the person... great student athletes.

    There were a couple of years that didn’t stack up inside... great players but missed on size to compete at the final level. A couple of years we were shy on a point guard. Another year a shooter. A couple of years were lacking in players with D1 experience. All an all, still great teams.

    This year looks to be great... but still lacking in what I hope doesn’t come to be. We have one SR in the bigs... three SO and a FR. There’s a lot talent... but shy on years of experience.
    The plus... our guards. I would say one of the strongest. We have never started three guards that are not only point guards but very good point guards.
    With this team I would fly. First guard to touch the ball after a stop runs the point with the other two grabbing the corners.
    We have a great bench of guards.. maybe the better shooters.

    Sooo... this year vs years past.
    I think overall... more quality players. But, because of only 5 upper class players, the SO and FR will need to play up... and I really hope they can.

    Getting close...

    Go Zags!!

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    I worry about post position.... the guards....heck....we're dynamite in that category...can we run the WCC let alone get a game or two in the NCAA's with only two 6'3" inch players?..I just don't know...

    but I was just thinking today that every year I'm a little depressed about who we have lost to graduation , etc....but then some bright eyed player comes on and the past is forgotten....hope that's the way it is this year...after Sloot left, we stumble across the likes of Sunny, and Keani, and shelby, and Haiden....etc..... I can still remember seeing the very young face and skinny figure of Elle....

    the other thing too, is we probably had one of our best yrs with Sloot and Kayla.....Kayla was only '6'2 but she owned the I remember it anyway...and we went deep into the Ncaa with her, even without a huge tall player....

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    does anybody know if CLF has even tried to get Anna eligible to play this year....was just reading that a soph transfer into USC is going to be allowed to laye right away....forget where she transfers from......what is the secret sauce?.....we really could be very good if Anna could play.....

    btw....the same post was claiming that Pili from Alaska was being sought hard for USC..

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    Quote Originally Posted by sylean View Post
    does anybody know if CLF has even tried to get Anna eligible to play this year....was just reading that a soph transfer into USC is going to be allowed to play (sic) right away....forget where she transfers from......what is the secret sauce?.....we really could be very good if Anna could play.....
    I am totally confident that if there was any way for Anna to play this year, CLF and GU's NCAA Compliance organization would have pursued it.

    As for the USC player,... that would be Kayla Overbeck transferring from Vanderbilt. Kayla is from Newbury Park, CA (a part of Thousand Oaks, CA). With absolutely no more information than that to go on, the first thought that popped into my head was family hardship.

    Here are a couple links.

    Or,....... there is something going on at Vanderbilt, as Kayla is one of three transfers. See link below.


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    I am going to disagree with Skip a little on this.

    I looked at the "glory years" of Lady Zag over the period of 2008/2009 thru 2011/12 where the worst finish was a 2nd round NCAA finish (2008/2009) and the best was an elite eight in 2010/2011 with a pair of sweet 16 finishes in 2009/2010 and 2011/2012. While players came and went every year, the teams in this era had four (4) players drafted in the WNBA or offered training camp contracts (Vivian Frieson, CV, Katelon Redmond & Kayla Standish). Four (4) of the top 10, "all-time" scorers were members of some of these teams (Bowman, CV, Standish and Redmon). I did not mention valuable players like Golden (6'3") just because they typically were not significant contributors or where not taller than the ladies listed. These teams, have 3 of the top 4 total points scored and 3 of the top 4 in average points scored per game by a Lady Zag Team. The top two (2) best shooting percentages overall were by these teams. Three of the top 4 teams in assists per year were achieved by these teams.

    While this was the era of the run and gun, 3 point shooting was not part of the equation. None of the glory years is included in the top 5 of 3 pt shots taken or made nor did any of these four years make the top 5 annual 3pt shooting percentages.

    I can see the board saying yeah, it is easy to achieve these numbers when you play the run-and-gun style of offense, which is true to some extent. While the 2010/2011 did average a little over 85 pts/game, the 2011/2012 year only averaged just over 75 pts/game which is just slightly above last year's lady zags.

    The biggest difference was that these teams played on both sides of the ball. Each of these four years are included in the top 5 for rebounds in a season, three of these four years are included in the top 5 for steals and one of the years is included in the top 5 blocks in a season which occurred in 2009/2010 when we did not have anybody over 6'3".

    Sylean, with the exception of 2011/2012 when Sunny and Shelby were freshman, the tallest players that were significant contributors were Bowman (6'2"), Standish (6'2"/6'3"), Freison (6'0"), Redmon (6'1"), CV (5'8"). There were no players with any significant contribution that were any taller than 6'3", yet somehow these teams made it to two sweet 16's and an elite 8. You do not have to have an oversized big to be very successful, but the posts and PFs absolutely must establish position on both sides of the ball and make the taller opposition to play from behind or their dead.

    We all have complained about the stagnant offense. For the last couple of years we had JB and four others, with the four others frequently standing around passing the ball around the key running down the clock. This absolutely did not happen during the glory years. We had 3/4 scorers on the floor at all times (even with the subs) with these teams not relying on any one person to carry the scoring load.

    So how does this year's team match up with the "glory year's" teams? I think this team is deeper from 1 to 11 than any of the glory year's teams. This year's team has some and more of the highest rated recruits coming out of high school. While we don't have a lot of upperclassman experience, our sophomores got lots of playing time last year and hopefully will play more like juniors than sophomores.

    This will upset some board members, so post and tell me I am wrong, Without JB to fall back on, this team must play more like a "team" than last year's JB and 4 others team on the offensive side of the ball. Without JB in the line-up, nobody (could/did) consistently carry the scoring load. At many times last year, I thought the team was better defensively with JB off the court. This year's team has the ability to be much better defensively than last year's team. Remember, we only lost one (1) game when we held our opposition to under 65 points. If we play better defensively, we don't need to make up all of JB's points.

    What does this team need to do to be successful? The bigs have to establish inside position on both sides of the ball and leave space towards the basket for the guards to pass the ball. We need to be more physical inside and Zee and JT understand this. We need the Wirth twins and Melody to play physically and keep from being pushed around inside the key. On the offensive side of the ball, CLF must design an offense that is not stagnant, moves the ball quickly in and out and around the key. When a shot is open, the players have to be willing to take the shot.

    I think this year's team will win the WCC and the WCC tourney and make the NCAA tournament. How much farther they go depends on the development of the team.

    Let's go Ladies.

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