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Thread: Another Poll - Who is going to go to Las Vegas with CLF for WCC Media Day?

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    Default Another Poll - Who is going to go to Las Vegas with CLF for WCC Media Day?

    Before every season, the WCC gets all the basketball teams (Mbb & Wbb) together in Las Vegas and interviews the coaches and one (1) player from the team. They spend about 15-20 minutes talking about last year, and the upcoming year and interview both the coach and the player for each team. Typically, the coaches take a senior or their best player to the WCC Media day.

    Of our last year's seniors, EW was already injured so she was not going to play that year and ES while a defensive standout, lacked offensive stats and notoriety that the WCC likes to see in their broadcasts. Of course, most fans at that time did not know JB was not going to play her senior year, but maybe the coaches had a good idea at the time. Obviously there are many reasons that the ladies may not be available to go on the media trip, such as lack of availability (they are students after all), they simply do not want to, etc. So the coach many only have the pick of who is available on that specific day. Last year, CLF took Zee down to Las Vegas for media day and Zee was a hit with the WCC media people. She did a very good job.

    Who do you think, CLF will take down to Las Vegas for Media Day this year?

    With JB gone and with Zee having gone last year, my bet is on Laura Stockton. She is a senior, she has been an All-WCC selection in the past and has the name recognition the WCC likes.

    Who do you think CLF will take to Las Vegas for Media Day?


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    Probably LS, but maybe CS.

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    It'll take some FX, not necessarily VFX, but it's total BS not to think it'll be LS or possibly CS, with CLF and ACCF, if he goes, to LV, but will it be at TO, or another venue, and I do wish it was JB repping GU, not repping a school like CSU, as written by TS Elliot.
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    so it wasn't just

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