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Thread: Season Preview for Sabonis and Collins

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    Default Season Preview for Sabonis and Collins

    Domantas Sabonis - Indiana Pacers

    1 Big Thing: Effectiveness as the roller in pick and roll
    Quote: "After being traded in the Paul George deal, Sabonis had 378 of his 897 possessions (42.1%) come as the screener, resulting in .989 PPP. Sabonis led the NBA in possessions as a screener, though his .989 PPP is tenth in the league of players with at least 250 possessions, trailing only the league's elite finishers.

    1 Thing to watch for: Growth as an outside shooter

    Zach Collins - Portland TrailBlazers

    1 Big Thing: Defensive Upside
    Quote: "Collins blocked 37 shots last season, a number held down by playing only 15.8 minutes per game. Of players with at least 75 possessions defending around the basket, Collins was 15th with 0.87 PPP, holding opponents to 41.6%."

    1 Thing to Watch for: Shooting Efficiency

    Find the full breakdown here

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    Here is a podcast where a Blazer person interviews Zach:
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