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Thread: Early Bracket Reveal - GUBoards Bracketology

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    Default Early Bracket Reveal - GUBoards Bracketology

    It's been a couple days, and I just haven't had time to stop by and post

    Your early reveal at the top seeds for GUBoards Bracketology, v. 2021;

    1s -

    BZ / El Voce - Gonzaga
    kdaleb - Baylor
    Reno - Michigan
    Bocco - Ohio State

    2s -

    Zagineer - Illinois
    Phish - Villanova
    DZ - Alabama
    jazz - Houston

    3s -

    23 - Virginia
    Native - West Virginia
    gu03 - Tennessee
    lothar - Oklahoma

    4s -

    kitz - Iowa
    Ak - Texas Tech
    sitting - Texas
    Terp - Missouri

    As always, this list is a thing of fluidity. On your end, and for the teams on the court.
    So many brackets, so little time.

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    If only I had Shaka's new "do!"

    The back of my head looks like his old "do."
    This post is for March Madness seeding purposes only.

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