Most of us basketball fans realize that the RPI is a very poor tool for evaluating team quality. The NCAA has been ridiculed insistently for continuing to rely heavily on the outdated, RPI metric for any of the better evaluation tools (KenPom), Jeff Sagarin, and ESPN’s Power Index). The downfall of RPI is that is was overly simple, relying on strength of schedule and a team’s wins and losses to determine ranking.

Well today the NCAA announced that they are dumping the RPI metric for a "new" metric, the NCAA Evaluation Tool or NET. NET will still be just a piece in the larger puzzle for the committee, as the overall bones of the selection process will remain the same.

However, how this applies to this board, is that as of now, NET will only be used for men’s basketball, while RPI will continue to be utilized for other sports, including women’s basketball. Once again, in Wbb, quality mid-major teams will be overlooked for middling major conference teams because of the RPI. Yes there is a much larger disparity in Wbb's than in Mbb's, but there is no reason to use an unfair, unreliable evaluation metric for the NCAA tournament selection, when better evaluation tools are available.

If you are interested, here are a couple of links to the announcement and some pundit opinions:

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