One of the hazards of getting older is not being able to sleep. It does have its advantages as I sometimes find some interesting things as I browse through the nightime hours on my computer. Tonight, I came across an article in the Billings Gazette about a young woman in eastern Montana that's been turning heads for her basketball skills since grade school. her name is Mya Fourstar. She's a 4.0 student, who has been playing for a reservation school, Frazer, in northeastern Montana. As a eighth grade varsity player, she scored 50 points in a game. Recently, she transfered to a larger school, Wolf Point, to continue her education and face stiffer competition on the court. One feature of her story is her desire to someday play for Gonzaga. i found a couple of other earlier articles, which are linked in the most recent one. One told of how Dan Breeden, a longtime Gonzaga fan, had heard of her and her fondness for Gonzaga. He, and his wife, Cheryl, attended many GU games, both men and women. Cheryl recently passed, and Dan sent Maya a box of T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other Gonzaga swag Cheryl had owned. Mya loved it and wears the Gonzaga gear to this day. I don't know if her skill level is Division 1, but if they are, I'm sure Lisa will be found in the Wolf Point gym at some point. Good luck to her, and let's hope we see her wearing up-to-date Gonzaga gear in the Kennel some day.