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Thread: OT: NCAA Announces Rule Changes

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    Quote Originally Posted by willandi View Post
    I can't help you if you are one of those that believe a contract has no meaning.
    Where did I ever say I did not believe in a contract? I sign them every week and I certainly hope they are enforceable.

    Who has the most to lose if you make a scholarship a contract; the student who signs the contract or the NBA? The NBA just has to wait until the contract expires (end of the year). The student, who is bound to the school, would be the one who could lose out on millions of $$.

    Once again, who would be more likely to challenge the validity of a contract, the student who could be out millions or the NBA who is out some time?


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    The draft rule change sounds good for the student and good for the NBA. It could be good or bad for the school depending on how well a program can plan around a player that bolts for the draft. I imagine that schools who traditionally get the cream of the crop on recruits might lose some recruits to schools like GU who may be more likely to want that player back if they're not drafted. As a college prospect looking at scholarship offers it may make them think a bit harder about going to a school that would retain room for them if they make a failed attempt at the NBA - as opposed to a school who can more easily recruit and fill their position/skills/etc. If that is a reasonable assumption, in a small way the rule change may help spread talent a bit further amongst schools.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willandi View Post
    Make the scholarship a contract and see if the NBA will challenge the contract in court.
    Naw. That would actually make things worse for the NCAA. They are already withholding certain levels of compensation in the name of "amateurism", but making insane amounts of money on the backs of those "amateurs". You make the terms of participation even more stringent, and you'll have a completely challenged model. It's probably already going to end up that way, but this would expedite the process.

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