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Thread: Barta: WNBA career didn't work out, but no regrets...

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    Default Barta: WNBA career didn't work out, but no regrets...

    .....from the Great Falls Tribune:
    Every year Mark Few loses guys that you never heard of before they became a Zag and replaces them with guys you never heard of before they became a Zag. Jimmy Dykes-Maui Classic 2009

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    She is marching to her own drummer.....good for her....she obviously knows that a elite athlete only has about 12 years or so to compete near their potential....and that you can teach for many decades......

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    I want her to be happy and satisfied, like I do for all of our lady zags...sounds like she is.....i still wish she would have stayed....

    oh to be young and have all that potential and to be able to just pick and choose what you want to do.....a very enviable position...

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    Thanks for posting the article Section.

    As a Lady Zag Wbb Fan - I am going to miss the explosiveness and athleticism and excitement JB brings to the court. We certainly could have used her this year.

    As a Parent - and husband of a high school teacher, I know she will eventually regret not getting that Master's Degree paid for by playing basketball. After you start your teaching career, it is much more difficult to find the time and money to earn that master's degree which in turn would lead to a significantly higher salary. I know that if your a teacher, a high paying salary is not at the top of your list, but every little bit helps, particularly when you are just starting out.

    As a Zag - I am proud that she is branching out and walking her own path. No matter how much knowledge we adults try to pass on to our children, sometimes they simply must walk their own road and have their own experiences. She will represent Zag Nation very well no matter what path she chooses to follow.

    Good Luck Jill,


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