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Thread: Women athletics are evolving

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    Default Women athletics are evolving

    How do Women basketball fans feel about the potential of Transgendered athletes competing against women in basketball?

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    Well Zagceo, you certainly know how to raise a controversial topic. Unfortunately, as is way to common on the women's side, lots of views but nobody wants to provide a comment.

    This issue was brought to the main stream media back in 1976 when Renee Richards (formally Richard Raskind) requested to compete in the 1976 US Open as a women. She had competed in the male division (as Richard Raskind) the previous five (5) years. The USTA refused to allow her to compete as a women since they had a "born as a woman" rule. In 1977, the New York supreme court ordered the USTA to allow Renee to compete as a women, which she did from 1977-1981 never getting beyond the 3rd round as a women in singles. She did make it to the women's doubles finals where she lost to Martina Navratilova and Betty Stove.

    More recently, Caster Semenya, a women's track athlete from South Africa has brought the issue back to the forefront of international sports competition. Reportedly, she has tested for elevated levels of testosterone (as high as 3 times the normal woman's level according to some reports). She has claimed that she has had this condition all her life and it is a medical condition. Since she won the 800 meters gold medal last year and the world championships are quickly approaching, many sports federations are calling her out wanting her to take a gender determination test, which South Africa and Caster have refused to take, claiming discrimination. Further complicating this issue is the fact that the head coach of the South African team is Dr Ekkart Arbeit, the former East German coach who was accused by a female athlete of giving her so many anabolic steroids that she was forced to undergo a sex-change operation and live the rest of her life as a man.

    Article Link:

    As a person who has a relative going through a sexual reassignment (niece to nephew), I understand the issues at hand. However, I disagree with the article you listed that just because a person identifies with the female gender, you should be permitted to participate in the women's/girl's event. If you accept the fact that elevated levels of testosterone are a performance enhancing drug, then allowing a transgendered male to participate in the women's events with elevated levels of testosterone will provide them with a significant performance advantage over how they would perform at a reduced (women's) testosterone level.

    IMO, a transgendered male should not be permitted to participate in women's sports until their testosterone levels are within the normal range of a woman. I realized that drug testing is not typical in high school sports and requiring transgendered individuals to undergo drug testing while others are not required to be tested is certainly discrimination. Maybe drug testing all HS athletes may be required at least at the beginning of the season. Should be simple enough, most athletes need a sport's physical (at least they did in my day) before they can start practice, maybe the should just add drug testing to this requirement. I am sure that the school district's would be required to pay for the drug testing to prevent discrimination against the financially challenged families.

    I just feel that while so many are concerned about the relatively small number of transgendered athletes, what about all of the non-transgendered athletes that are competing against what could be a stacked deck. I have no problem with them competing as long as the playing field is level.


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    I brought this up on another thread....

    if it becomes widespread, it will destroy girls sports....why would we encourage our little 8 yrs to train and practice when they know that kids with male dna, which you can not change, can swoop in and take championships at the end of the season?

    remember, college scholarships have been a huge boon for young women.....even more so then the men, enabling so many more women to get to college and it has been a phenomenal success.....young men, if they had too, can skip college and play baseball or BB overseas, or hockey...women don't have the opportunity, except of course tennis, or golf...(that I know of)

    I think there should be must actively be pursuing transgendering and be actively decreasing their testosterone levels if they're going from boy to girl .....and if you're a girl wanting to become a boy, you can't participate in female sports while taking testosterone shots.....perhaps there should be a level of testosterone that is permitted....although in small amounts, women do have some testosterone naturally.

    in pro sports, they can do what they like...I don't have to watch....

    in the Olympics, its pretty much a farce having high testosterone males who are transgendering winning races....which has happend...

    didn't we come down hard on past Russian athletes who obviously have been taking steroids to increase strength?...

    why would this be allowed now?...

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