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Thread: A Big Welcome to Coach Bailey Pasta

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    Default A Big Welcome to Coach Bailey Pasta

    "Carroll College senior guard Bailey Pasta will continue her basketball career, not as a player, but as a graduate assistant coach for the Gonzaga University women’s basketball team. She has been accepted into the graduate Psychology program at GU and was offered a GA coaching position by head coach Lisa Fortier.

    "“We are really excited to add Bailey to our staff,” Fortier said. “She has a very high basketball IQ and will be a great coach one day. We love the way she has worked to improve as a player and I know she is going to transfer that work ethic to her coaching endeavors.”

    "Pasta was a two-year starter and four–year player for the Saints. Academically, she will graduate with a GPA over 3.5 in four years. “I am very excited for this opportunity for Bailey,” Carroll head coach Rachelle Sayers said. “She is going to be a great coach and Gonzaga is lucky to have her. Lisa does a great job there and we have had multiple conversations about Bailey, so I know that she is equally excited about putting her to work right away. I told Lisa if she impacts her program like she did ours, she will be trying to find a way to keep her on staff for more than two years.” Pasta comes from a coaching family — her mom Cyndi is the girl’s basketball coach at Skyview High School in Nampa, Idaho."
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    sounds like a players' player...

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