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Thread: St Marys Schedule Upgrade

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaels87 View Post
    Gaels add a 4-team invitational in Vegas to the schedule
    SMC Opens up with Utah State and then will play either Arizona St or Mississippi State

    This added to the already scheduled games:
    Neutral - LSU & New Mexico
    Road - New Mexico St, Western Kentucky
    Home - Cal, Harvard, Bucknell

    As an SMC fan, this is the first time in 9-10 years that I can say that I am happy with the schedule and the excuses go out the window. Just wish Bennett would have stepped up over the past 6-7 years. I know it is almost impossible for us to get home games against quality opponents and I appreciate the willingness to get creative and schedule the 4 neutral court games in vegas.
    It's looking good. Thanks are due to your schedulers. Perhaps not getting in the dance last season made them realize that they had to do something.

    Gonzaga started out their 'anyone, anytime, anywhere' and had to play a lot of teams on the road with no home games in return. It was only after they showed that they could win those road games that the national ratings services took note and made it to where a loss to the Zags was not a black mark. Mark Few then was able to get some home and home series and that has morphed into what we are seeing now, the Tarheels, Creighton, Arizona and more.

    As SMC schedules more OCC games, on the road and neutral, against better competition, as they have this year, their scheduling will continue to improve, they will get into the dance and their players will see their own stock rise as national attention shines its light on them.

    Hoping you have a sense of humor too!

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    Thanks for the heads up 87.
    "I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in..."

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