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Somehow I lost track of the Ducks guard who I think now hold the 3pts shooting % for all of DI WBB?? Did she get drafted??? ( Bando)
Not Quite.

Lexi Bando holds the all time 3-pt shooting percentage for a career for the Ducks at 45.7% where she dispatched Jennifer Bourn (44.6%) and the Pac-12 where she dispatched Jennifer Azzi (Stanford - 45.2%). However, Lexi is not even close to the all-time percentage leaders in 3-pt shooting percentage. For a season, Heather Donlon of Fordham holds the 3-pt shooting percentage at 57.5% (50-87-1990). For a career, Alicia Ratay of Notre Dame holds the all-time 3-pt shoot percentage at 47.6% (262-550, 2000-2003).

What is interesting is that as a team, Oregon finished 3rd this season in 3-pt shooting percentage at 40.1%, behind of all teams, Oregon State at 40.4% and Michigan at 40.2%.

No Lexi Bando was not drafted. She will likely get offered a training camp or 10-day contract and a chance to show her skills. Remember that the 3-pt line in the WNBA is set about 15" deeper than the college 3-pt line, thus many 3-pt sharp shooters in college never make it in the WNBA.