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Thread: Congrats to our Graduates

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    Default Congrats to our Graduates

    Sunday was graduation day for several of our lady zags. Our graduates included Emma W., Emma S., Jill B., Zykera R., & Nneka EnemKpali.

    Congratulations to all of our graduates. You have made us all very proud.

    And a belated happy birthday to our own Gillian Barfield.


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    Yes, congrats to all! And thanks for reminding us ZagDad.

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    Gonzaga Student-Athletes Take Part in Graduation

    62 student-athletes were a part of GU graduation ceremonies

    May 15, 2018

    SPOKANE, Wash. -- Among the 2018 graduates at Gonzaga University's commencement on Sunday were 62 student-athletes who received undergraduate and graduate diplomas.

    Of those 62 to take part in the graduation ceremonies 18 graduated with honors: 10 earning Cum Laude, seven earning Magna Cum Laude, and one earning Summa Cum Laude (Jordan Thurston).

    Seven others also earned a graduate degree this year with Ben DuBois, Jacob Kempf, Chandler Smith and Nick Ulowetz earning a Master's in Business Administration, Amelia Evans receiving a Master's of Arts in Marriage and Family Counseling, Jenny Albrecht received a Master of Initial Teaching and Emma Wolfram getting a Master's of Arts in Organizational Leadership.

    The following student-athletes received their undergraduate degree(s) or will finish their degree(s) during the upcoming summer/fall sessions:

    Master of Business Administration

    Benjamin DuBois
    Jacob Kempf
    Chandler Smith
    Nicholas Ulowetz

    Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Counseling
    Amelia Evans

    Master of Initial Teaching
    Jennifer Albrecht – Teacher Certification

    Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership
    Emma Wolfram

    School of Arts & Sciences

    Eric Engel – Magna Cum Laude
    Sumner Goodwin
    Douglas Kempthorne
    Marissa Kneisel – Cum Laude
    Silas Melson
    Kale Reichersamer
    Zykera Rice
    Isabella Spies – Cum Laude
    Emma Stach – Magna Cum Laude
    William Terry
    Kyle Thompson
    Savanah Van Citters

    School of Business
    Jack Beach
    Isabelle Belzil – Cum Laude
    Daniel Bies – Cum Laude
    Miranda Blake
    Alexandra Bourguignon
    Coby Eastwood
    Olivia Evans
    Troy Fraley
    David Ganz – Magna Cum Laude
    Austin Giftopoulos – Cum Laude
    Tianna Helm – Magna Cum Laude
    Jeremy Jones
    Kellen Manley
    Brian Pete – Cum Laude
    Dillon Quintana
    Elena Slavoski – Magna Cum Laude
    Maximillian Sombrowski – Cum Laude
    Jordan Thurston – Summa Cum Laude
    Graham Wendle
    Benjamin White

    School of Education
    Jillian Barta

    Justin Blatner – Cum Laude
    Patrick Chung – Magna Cum Laude
    Claren Fraher – Teacher Certification, Magna Cum Laude
    Marie Hayman – Cum Laude
    Calvin LeBrun
    Kaylie Loewen
    Brendan McClary
    Christopher Michaelson
    Nickolas Nyquist
    Joshua Perkins
    Brandon Pollard – Teacher Certification
    Gunnar Schubert
    Branson Trube
    Jacob Vieth
    Benjamin Willis

    School of Engineering and Applied Science
    Maxwell Baker – Cum Laude
    Connor Nash
    Sam Olson
    Devin Roche
    Kinsly Smith

    School of Nursing & Human Physiology
    Connor Ourada

    Gonzaga Article Link

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    Thanks TerpZag.

    I obviously missed Chandler in my post above. I did not pick up on CLF's nickname for CS. My apologies to CS and her family.

    The most surprising information to me was that CS got her Master's in only 3 years at GU (and 1 at Nebraska) and Ms. Rice getting her undergrad in 3 years without the use of a redshirt.

    For myself being on the 5 year plan (yes I worked a lot), to see these talented young ladies get their undergrad and graduate degrees in 3/4 years shows the dedication and desire they have to succeed not only on the court but also in the classroom.

    They are the very best definition of student athletes.

    Very well done ladies, one and all.


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    For those of us who were not able to attend this year's graduation at Gonzaga, the Lady Zags own Nneka EnemKpali was selected as the graduate student speaker. She has some powerful words about her time at Gonzaga as the video coordinator and as a graduate student.

    Here is a link to her speech given to the students.


    Thanks Nneka,


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