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Thread: Beware - It's Scalper Season!

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    Default Beware - It's Scalper Season!

    If history proves out, within the next day or two we will begin to see "XXX" or "YYY" post offers to sell his/her tickets to the WCC tournament, frequently accompanied by a convincing story as to why he/she is letting go of his/her tickets for the low, low price of 4-6 times face value.

    I have bought my share of tickets from scalpers - I just paid StubHub 450 each for two floor level tickets to see James Taylor in Portland in June - but I hope that actual GU fans will treat each other with respect and not as suckers to be fleeced.

    Go Bulldogs!
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    No ticket scalping allowed on guboards

    From GoZags

    This is a reminder of the longstanding policy that no scalping of tickets is allowed here.

    No attempt to "profit" from boardmembers is permitted.

    Any posts with terminology such as "PM your offer" or "Make me an offer" will be deleted.

    If you're reading this and looking to make a profit from tickets you have purchased, please utilize sites such as craigslist, backpage, stubhub or anywhere but guboards. Thanks for your cooperation.
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