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Thread: Yahoo article on FBI probe

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzdelmar View Post
    There’s a certain amount of schadenfreude for all GU fans, but in truth this is the GAME we all love and it’s heartbreaking to see these findings. No reason to cheer. Just a sad indictment and IF GU is a hound’s tooth, fingers crossed, then sainthood for MF.
    Gonzaga has managed to establish itself within the existing structure and excel. It isn't good for Gonzaga if the structure burns down.

    Big money schools are not going to allow anything that disadvantages them be put in place. Lots of unknowns in the future.

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    What happened to this story? Is it just going to go away? I expected more news by now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoopaholic View Post
    Yep. Apparently cash talked
    Jut saw this. First of all, this "accounting entry" was at least a couple years after Pope joined the program, it had nothing to do with his recruitment. Second, Dutch suspended Pope while the university did an internal investigation (only one other school did that). Third, Dutch did not say that they didn't find evidence of wrongdoing but, instead, that Pope was able to prove his innocence. Just remember, the guy involved in this was fired from a previous job for embezzlement so who know what he was doing to get money in his pocket.

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