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Thread: WCC Tournament Ticket Trade (Men's BB) - plus- Finals tickets for Sale

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    Default WCC Tournament Ticket Trade (Men's BB) - plus- Finals tickets for Sale

    I'm looking to trade one ticket for the FINAL on Tuesday night for one ticket for the Friday night games AND one ticket for the Saturday games. Basically, our group of five has an extra guy attending on Friday/Saturday. Make sense? PM me here or email me:

    (1) I don't know the exact location of our seats, I just know they will be somewhere on the sides.
    (2) I will have them in hand this coming Saturday, 2/17. Happy to ship to you if you're willing to ship your two to me. (I live in Sacramento)
    (3) In addition, If you happen to be in need of FOUR more tickets to the Championship game (in addition to the one I am looking to trade), I will be selling mine. $50 each.

    - Chris

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    I have the tickets in hand now....Section 115, Row J, Seats 1-5. These would be directly across from the higher seed's bench (at least that was the case in year's past). Again, I am looking for a ticket to the Friday session and the two Saturday sessions. And I am willing to trade one championship game ticket for those. I also am looking to sell my other four championship game tickets: $50 each.

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    I have sold three of these. Since I'm not getting any bites on the trade, I am bumping up the price of the other two to $75 each (and I can only sell them as a pair). Section 115, Row J, Seats 4-5.

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    Oh, and I will FedEx to you for free

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    Quote Originally Posted by bettingman View Post
    Oh, and I will FedEx to you for free
    OK, I have ONE ticket left: Section 115, Row J, Seat 3. I will trade for Fri/Sat sessions -or- sell to you for $75. Free 2-day shipping. This is for the Men's Championship game on Tuesday, March 6th.

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    ....and it's sold. Good luck everyone!

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